Saved words or phrases

Can you explain me, what doeas means this picture? What means the half-life? 0.5 day?

Hi @Tamara3,

I think “half-life” is the probablity that you’ll remember a given word/phrase.

So maybe the SRS algorithm is guessing that you might forget the given word in half a day?

Or that it wants you to review it in half-a-day? Or both?

Just my best guess combined with a little bit of Googling though.

Maybe a LR dev can chime in on the details at some point. Hope this helps a little bit until then! :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there any complete documentation on the road map?

It really feels like Phrase Pump is about 95% of the way to being the absolute best language learning product on the market but it’s just missing a few key features necessary to reach it’s potential.

All it needs is:

  • an explanation of the algorithm
  • the forgot/okay buttons added to practice mode (they already exist in quiz mode)

These two things should be quick to implement and would massively improve it’s usability.

Two more suggestions would be:

  • the option to customize the algorithm (e.g. set preferred intervals etc)
  • the ability to sort saved words/phrases into separate decks (either user created or based on the show they’re from) and to be able to sort the saved words list by what show they are from.

Phrase Pump feels like a massive tease. It’s by far the best product on the market in terms of aesthetics, integration with Netflix and ease of use, however it’s just missing those couple of small features which would make it truly effective.

If the devs are reading this, please guys, it’s so so close to being amazing.