Sentences are inverted bug

all the sentences are inverted, this is the result of the extension because I don’t have it when I disable it.
Copy paste of the script:

who can patch her up. We have people

It’s not much further. Man:

our way back. I’m marking

Hi, is this the extension? Can you send link to the video?

Hi, all the episodes from the walking dead (netflix) . don’t have this problem when i use a vpn to connect to united states but… there is no french subtitles avalable (only english) . The bug only occur when there is other language available (japan same, germany same, switerland same… i tried them all)

Hm, not reproducing it. Your source language is English, and translation language is French? Do you have any other extensions installed? Can you disable them all just to check if any of them is causing the issue?

the audio and subtitles are in English (I’m French)
I don’t have this problem when I watch from the USA (vpn) and I think it’s because there’s no other language available than English. (audio and subtitles). As I said above, I tried with all countries, but the same thing happened because there is at least one language available in addition to English (japan, germany…)
Same result after having disabled all other extensions.