Subtitle language change by itself after refresh Netflix

What is happening?

Subtitles language keep changing back to english by itself.

How can we reproduce the issue?

  1. Watch any Netflix video, right now the subtitle language is setting to english.

  2. Change the subtitle language to chinese

  3. After reload the page or watch another video, the subtitle language changes back to english by itself.

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Same problem with German. Each episode or page reload resets the language settings to English. I’ve had to remove the extension from Chrome to avoid manually changing the audio tracks every time a new episode starts. I’d love a solution because the extension had been so helpful for years and I haven’t been able to use it properly for a while because of this.

Hi, the extension was meant to be used in the movie’s original language, other languages often don’t work great still*, so it switches to the original language at the moment by default. But you can turn off “Force original tracks” to override that:

  • we should have some cool updates there soon.
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I still have the same problem, even after switching off “force original track” is there anything else I can do?

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I have the same problem, it is bug ! Essentially the forced tracks button is not working.
It doesn’t happen on my TV set which doesn’t have the LR plugin, and so it is clearly not an issue with Netflix itself.

Any chance of looking into this? It would be much appreciated.


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I’m having exactly the same issue. “Force original tracks” is turned off and every time Netflix reloads the subtitle language is reset to English. This is infuriating. Is there any fix for this?

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No, this doesn’t work. I watch shows where the original track is Spanish. Language reactor is constantly switching it back to English. I have to reset set it each time I go back into Netflix. The most annoying thing is that there is a little wrench next to the subtitle language dropdown that automatically “fixes” the problem and sets the subtitles to the original Spanish. If the button knows how to do it, the extension should be able to do it without me clicking into the settings?

I have the exact same issue. I watch shows in Japanese with the Japanese subtitles and English translations. Every time Netflix is reloaded the “Netflix Subtitle Language” reverts to English. And everytime it does that I have to go in the config and change the subtitle language to “Japanese”. And like the previous poster said, there’s a little button to fix the issue right next to the drop down, but it needs to be pressed every single time. Please fix this soon. This extension is great, but I’m gonna need to start looking for alternatives if this issue isn’t fixed.

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I am experiencing a similar issue that may or may not be the same problem. After a perdiod of inactivitty, the audio and subtitles will change back to the original. It could be a memory saving feature in Chrome that resets the app, and a fix could be to just set a cookie to remember the current state.

That might also fix a minor irritation, having to select audio track and subs for every episode of a series.

I had the same error when I was using the extension for Swedish 2 or 3 years ago. Still have the same issue now with Spanish :frowning:
Both audio and subtitles change to English even though I made my Netflix account to be in Spanish and have Spanish as default.