Support finding videos with subtitles in specific languages

The existing feature to search for videos with subtitles returns videos with subtitles in any language, both auto-generated and man-made ones. It would be more useful if we could specify the subtitle language and type we are interested in. Perhaps the default filtering should be the availability of auto-generated subtitles in the target language as specified in LR settings.

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I second this request!

I did also find that LR has a search function for translation language, which I didn’t know before:

This means a lot more of the work is done on better-supporting Learners in finding videos with specific subtitle types:

Searching Subtitles Feature Idea — Human Translation/Manual Translation:

Searching Subtitles Feature Idea — Auto-generated/Machine Generated CC:

Note: Category could be called “Translation Type,” and there could be a little carrot :arrow_down_small: to bring up a drop-down menu with the options:

  • Human Translation/Manual Translation: Uploaded as a file to Youtube/manually added by Youtuber.
  • Auto-generated/Machine Generated CC: Machine generated through Youtubes Auto-generated feature.

So it’s clear what type the user is searching for.

For any users interested in a way to search for some (not all) subtitles in specific languages, there is a site that is working on indexing YouTube for this purpose:

You can search for videos with manual and auto-generated subtitles in specific/multiple languages and within your favorite channel, if Filmot has indexed them.

They have a Patreon if you want to prioritize your favorite channels for indexing, too.

This may help until LR the LR team can implement something to help us find more specified subtitles for our target languages :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

More Details:

P.S. I checked Filmot today, and it got a bit of a revamp + I found more channels I wanted than when I first posted about them!