Thai transliteration is lacking

Most Thai teachers onliine and on youtube use a system very similar to paiboon. It is consistent and has tone marks (important for a tonal language…). I do not know what you currently use, but it is not so useful. A own system?

Please check for a better one (choose option Paiboon). also uses something like that.

I do know this can be hard to implement. Anyway, thanks for reading.

As a workaround, let us modify the used transliterations by pasting text into it.

ps. seems thai2english now also has a great batch transliteration service (just like thai-language, except that one sometimes does not have a result for a few words). See Automatic Thai to English transliteration - fast, easy and accurate . Seems even possible to reuse this in your addon. Just send a post and scrape the results or contact hello @ thai2english dot com to support your addon through an api or something?