Improve Thai language dictionary

I know it’s hard to figure out if is it a good dictionary u use for a language you have no idea about.
So I’ll tell you - you using a low-quality dictionary as well as no tone marks for the transcription.
May you fix it? I found a better dictionary with just 1 hour of searching.


Yes also using the Thai dictionary and it’s pretty terrible.

Also it’s a shame theres no option for the original subtitles as the translation which would make a lot more sense then the human translation which is the only option.

I watch in Thai with Thai subtitles but like to hover mouse over parts I don’t understand which produces weird results.

Also my settings don’t save even when going from one eppisode or film to the next in a single session, which is quite annoying.

Using subtitles as translation wont work because in thai many untranslatable particles. For admins to see how bad is LR dictionary just compare it to