the font size is too small

could the font size be bigger。I select the extra large bar,but the font size is not large enough for me,I also fell too small。


I’ve got the same problem, it’s too small to read, and activating the option “extra large font size” doesn’t change anything… has anyone solved this problem?

When you change it to “small” it gets smaller or stays the same?

Hey Hofit,
Thanks for your answer.
When I change it to “small” it stays the same.

Does it happens also on Netflix?


Hi hofit,
I don’t have Netflix :sweat_smile:

Do you have other extensions installed?

Yes, I have about 5 other Chrome extensions installed

Okay, at the moment we didn’t manage to reproduce the bug.
Can you try to turn off the other extensions and then open Language Reactor again?

Oh my god it worked !!! I’m so happy !!!
Thanks Hofit, you rock :)))))

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Sure! If you happen to know what extension caused the problem, we might manage to fix it and make them work together :slight_smile: