TTS not working in the Text (beta) menu

This morning I pasted a text in Spanish in the Text (beta) for the first time and the TTS worked just fine. After that, I pasted another text but now the TTS doesn’t work anymore even though I haven’t changed any settings. When I click on any of the play buttons, it does turn green and switches from the triangle to the 2 vertical lines to indicate me the TTS is apparently running but there is no sound (the TTS when clicking on a single word works perfectly though), and it’s not only a sound problem because it doesn’t carry on to the next sentence nor does it scroll automatically, therefore i think the TTS actually never started. I tried importing other texts, even 1-word texts but the TTS doesn’t seem to function at all anymore.

Edit: I changed pc and the TTS works on the new pc but not on the old one so idrk what’s going on.