Video File mode - .AVI & .MKV support?

Hello! So, the bug with the loading of the file itself has apparently recently been fixed, but I have noticed that the Video File mode can only play .mp4 videos. When I choose .avi or .mkv videos, the player loads and so do the subtitles, but the video itself won’t play, the screen just remains black. With some .mkv files, though, there’s sound, but no image. Is it a bug or are only .mp4 files supported so far?

Most often, the MKV contains the proprietary AC3 codec. Most browsers don’t support it. Converting files is not the best solution because it kills the video quality. My solution was to make my own chromium build that supports the AC3 codec. Try to build chromium with these parameters in “”:

enable_platform_ac3_eac3_audio  = true
target_cpu = "x64"

Hi @DevNikolai,

This is an old post I found, but the Video File feature only supports the formats supported by Chrome for video playing (at least as far as I can find on the Forum).:

I’m not sure all of the specific formats that means (since I’ve not had a chance to test this feature out, yet), but maybe what your trying is not supported by Chrome?