Youtube audio capture

I’ve primarily used LR with Netflix, but I’ve started using it a bit with youtube. It seems for me, its not capturing the audio from youtube when I mark a word to learn - does LR not capture a screenshot and sentence audio from youtube like it does with Netflix?



I’m not sure, but I do know that the capture it did with a YouTube premium video I watched using the LR extension cannot capture audio of the YouTube video.

For that case, it’s because it is a premium video and has some sort of special protection code on it
(specifically the audio part) or something.

I haven’t seen many YouTube picture and audio captures through PhrasePump lately, so I’m not sure if it’s supposed to normally capture audio and picture across YouTube videos we use the extension on, but I still wanted to share what I noticed about YouTube premium videos (see above info) regardless.

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Actually, I remember that it didn’t save audio nor screenshot for YouTube videos for me. It wasn’t premium videos or something, so my guess is that LR only saves audio and screenshot for Netflix.


Has this been posted on a feature request section of the forums yet? It seems absurd to me that audio isn’t captured in YouTube but it is for Netflix :confused: