Bug Report : LLY full screen broken & subtitle list disappears when I use User-Defined Dictionary of LLY

I usually use zoom of Chrome to make font size of LLN/LLY subtitle list big enough to recognize.

But when I click User-defined dictionary on LLY:

  1. Full screen(F shortcut) is broken
  2. Subtitle List is broken and disappears

Usually, I solved No 1. in LLN using Chrome full screen F11, but, in LLY, F11 doesn’t make full screen, so this is now real problem. Always on shortcut F full screen of LLY is broken by clicking U1,U2,U3,…etc. This happens always regardless of zoom of Chrome.

And No 2.is another bug which is not on LLN. Whenever I click U1,U2,…etc. the subtitle list on right side is folded and disappears whenever Chrome is zoomed on LLY full screen.