Feature request: chinese simplified <-> traditional

Feature request: convert between chinese simplified <-> traditional when only one version is available as a subtitle stream.

also, remember that simplified characters don’t map 1:1 to traditional characters, so you need to use a purpose specific tokenizer to convert.


Gotta upvote this. There are a few shows on Netflix and a few YouTube channels that have traditional only subtitles. It would be great to have them in simplified.

Would you recommend me any mainland mandarin(no Taiwanese) contents fitting on simplified mandarin subtitles?

I agree with this.
Almost all mandarin contents on Netflix are from Taiwan and their simplified mainland subtitles are totally different from actual vocal sounds. It seems simplified subtitle versions are not transcript of vocal lines.

So many shows I can’t watch because they only have simplified subtitles :frowning: So definitely would like to see the option to translate between. Even a non “purpose specific tokenizer” would be better than nothing.