ASR Chinese Feedback

Recently after testing with the ASR subtitles i want to share the next feedback and Requests

First of all this new feature result in an extremely useful and precise way to learn, since subtitles most of the time doesnt match with what the speaker is saying
So having a 1:1 Subtitle - Dub coincidence makes it much easier to get used to the language

Now the problems i have seen are in regards of chinese mostly

Currently when trying to see a chinese movie, in this case a show called Sweet home, i wanted to test this and this is what i found

you can not chose in between traditional or simplified, this is a really big problems for simplified chinese learners as currently is only using traditional

as chinese is a language that can be writen in both ways (traditional and simplified) i would request a way to specify the way you prefeer in these kind of languajes that can be written in different ways

Another problem i saw is that, as the ASR Subtitle is neither Simplified or traditional, is like all words are not marked as learn, whereas if i choose simplified my characters remains learned, so ASR is detected as if it were a new languaje rather than Chinese, maybe its because us using Traditional instead of simplified