Fix the Login Issue happening so many times (Found the Issue)

Recently I encountered so many failures in logging in to the Language Reactor extension or even to their own site with the Google Singing in option.

It was so frustrating because I would not be able to see my personal Hard words according to my SET LEVEL in the designated Hue (purple orange or green)

so Finally I figured out what is the issue. it is because of Security flaws in my browser.

personally, I cannot access so many sites because of Sanctions against my country and I gotta use a VPN to be able to access almost everything.

and guess what? I cannot even open the LanguageReactor website without a VPN too Shame…

so what is the solution?

you should check what your browser’s security issues are.

Changing IP is not enough. you guys need to change all the aspects of your real identity from the browser.

Time Zone: you should have the time zone of your changed IP Location!

Location: Convince Google you’re a jet setter, learning on the go!

Language: you should have the Language of your changed IP Location!

User Agent: This is basically your browser’s “fingerprint” – make it look anonymous!

WebRTC and Cookies: These sneaky trackers can reveal your true identity, so let’s shut them down!

so now you ask how you would be able to Warp them all and bypass the Google login problem.
Just google them and maybe use a more powerful VPN that allows you to mask all the things that I mentioned

In the end, I ask the Developer team to devise a solution for us to log in to their site with another method that does not require a real identity on the Web or maybe even let the extension save the Vocabulary Level in the browser offline and doesn’t bother us every time to log in to their servers