Force interpretation of subtitles to particular languagae?

Hello! I have l looked and pretty sure it’s not possible to do this at present.

Is it possible to tell Language Reactor to interpret a subtitles source language as being different to what the youtube label is?

For example see this video Wake Me Up - Mariachi Style Avicii / Aloe Blacc Cover en Español feat. Robyn Adele Anderson - YouTube

It is a Spanish song and has subtitles written in Spanish - however in youtube these are actually labelled as ‘English subtitles’. (i think the reason for this is because a minute of the video at the end actually is in English). This means that LR - although it shows the subtitles which are of course in Spanish - doesn’t interpret them as Spanish and therefore doesn’t provide a machine English translation or enable Spanish dictionaries etc.

Any chance a solution for this could be found?

Thanks for all your amazing work btw - best extension ever!


Thanks for your request, it’s indeed problematic when youtube detect wrongly the language of the video. We don’t have a setting to do what you want, but we will think about it !!

PS : thanks for the music, nice version of wake me up :slight_smile: