Force Original Tracks (now a setting)

LLN and LLY try and force original tracks (audio and subtitles) on page load/activation. The reason is, these tracks are the only ones likely to match each other, so, we do this to try to push users towards seeking materials in the language they study, rather than being disapointed when they try to study with a ‘dub’ of show they know.

Some people like to study with non-original tracks anyway and found that function annoying, so I made a setting to disable that behaviour:


On Youtube, LLY still enables captions if they are disabled, but they will be whatever Youtube defaults to. If you enable the setting when it’s off it doesn’t immeadiatly load the native tracks (that would need a small refactor), until page reload.

Can modify further if there are some good suggestions.

Code is live, you should get it in a couple of hours or so.

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