German - proper handling of separable verbs?

I realise this is probably a bit of a niche request, but when studying German it would be wonderful if it was possible to handle “separable verbs” correctly.

Briefly, German has certain verbs like “mitmachen”, “aufhören”, or “abholen” where the prefix (“mit”, “auf”, and “ab” respectively) must be moved to the end of the sentence in some situations - mostly if it’s the “primary” verb. This makes it impossible to mark these as “learned”, as I’ll just see two separate words, e.g., in a sentence like “Der Regen hörte so plötzlich auf”, I’d just see translations for “hören” (to hear) and “auf” (which has a lot of meanings), but not “aufhören”, which means “to stop” or “to cease” (or aufhörte in this case, the past tense).

I’m not sure how you’d do this, or if it would be useful for other languages, but it would be quite nice for German!

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