German - Separable Verbs

Hi there,

First off — I love your tool! I purchased premium ASAP because it’s truly better than any alternative on the market. That said, for German, a functionality for separable verbs would be super important. Without that, we are effectively missing a big chunk of the verbs in the language.

For instance, take the following example sentence: “Ich stehe jeden Morgen um 7 uhr auf

The verb in question is “aufstehen”, but with LR we can only look up/save the words stehe (for the verb stehen) and auf. So ‘stehen’ means ‘to stand’, ‘auf’ means ‘up’, but what we’re missing is ‘aufstehen’, which means ‘to get up’.

In many contexts the separable verb actually changes the meaning of the word quite a bit, and so without this feature there are many super important and commonly used parts of German vocabulary that we can’t learn. eg. ankommen, mitnehmen, fernsehen, einkaufen, abholen, anrufen, etc.

Would be super helpful!