Hallo guys
How can I get my favorite list … the word i already saved
please help guys

First make sure LLN is turned on, there should be ‘ON’ next to the logo at the bottom of the Netflix video window.

Then the sidebar listing all the subtitles needs to be open. If the sidebar isn’t open, click the menu button (☰) in the top right of the video to open it.

Now at the top of the sidebar there will be 2 tabs, the detault is ‘Subtitles’, next to that is ‘Saved Items’. Click ‘Saved Items’.

That should give you a list of every subtitle line you’ve saved. If you’re a Pro subscriber, there’ll also be options to export the list to Anki, JSON or CSV files.

If any of this isn’t working, perhaps you could hit Print Screen and the Ctrl+V to paste a screenshot into your forum posts, so it’s easier to see what the problem is.

Hope that’s helped.

I am enjoying this language learning tool .
Very helpful .
But sometimes, it doesn’t work well.
Maybe it can be that I dont know well how to use.
But anyway,
Thank you…