How to open the Flashcard section?

I don’t know how to open that part. I don’t really see in the menu such button.

I can see it is mentioned everywhere but I can’t end up there. I only have PhrasePump.

I am sure I checked on all the tabs of the documentation that can be found here : Language Reactor.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I would like to know, too.
I also heard about flashcard but I didn’t find it.

@oaprograms Hey, the flashcards section is not showing up on the website? The left side strip has the usual Text, Chatbot, Saved Words and Phrasepump sections, but flashcard and the logo with the open book thingy isn’t showing up. Plz look into this, minor Bug maybe??

Hi, LR developer here, flashcards are called PhrasePump, it’s the same thing. There are also Anki flashcards, that you can get by exporting saved items, but most likely PhrasePump was mentioned. Sorry for the confusion, maybe it should be renamed for clarity :smiley:

Quick comment: I don’t think it (PhrasePump) necessarily needs to be renamed.

I think it’s one of those clarifications that should be made in the help section of LR—under the Getting Started section/as a new tab in the help section (or people can find this #how-to post to clarify it themselves.

Much of the confusion could also been from back in June '22 when PhrasePump and Flashcards were separate features (as shown in this team update).

That, coupled with an ‘out-of-date’ help page (compared to the numerous updates ya’ll are churning out), can easily result in some confusion displayed in this topic thread.