Update! Learning Stages, Flashcards, All Words Panel, PhrasePump, API..

I am concerned about the color system. I think users should be able to retain their current colors. I am studying Chinese and I have developed my own system. Red - proper nouns and names; Green - verbs; Yellow - adverbs, conjunctions, opening phrases; White - basically known. I didn’t mark every word, just the words I wanted to emphasize. I also liked that it was easy to change the word color depending on the sentence.

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Hi team! Any news on when this update might come out on production LR? Really excited to use it :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Exporting it to Anki has not been working for me. The flashcards come up blank. I have heard other users saying anki doesn’t work for them either. If it did then I’d use Anki

You can choose to not use it too. There’s an option for both!

Well, I guess to each his own but… Learn Russian words in a vaccum with no context? With their gazillion versions with plural, singular and the case system? Good luck dear! x’'D

Hey, just dropping in quick, to update you: we’re merging the phrasepump and flashcard features, it’s shaping up really nice.

I’m reworking the linguistic processing code, it’s getting some nice upgrades (we’re switching to fancy libraries that run on gpus), putting together a server for it to run on.

Hang on a little bit longer, it’ll be worth it.


For learning Russian, check out Modern Russian books (I & II)… you could get them on Amazon or Abebooks before for $5-$10. The audio is available here: Russian: Language Portal: Center for Language Technology: Indiana University . LR is a good supplement, but it can’t replace such resources in it’s current form. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the update David, sounds exciting! I’ve been doing sentence cards in Anki and definitely think learning words in context is the way to go, progress is much smoother and it feels more natural.

I’m really looking forward to being able to use the flashcards for more vocabulary practice. After using the dev version of the website and poking around, I’m still really enjoying the color code system that’s in place now, with the tags as the main colors instead of the “learning” vs “known” colors. Please put in an option to keep the current settings with tags as the main colors. :frowning:


Any update on the release date for this update ? I passed pro to enjoy the flashcards.

The dev site is offline now. Any updates about the release date?


Hi! I am excited to know about this update! Any idea when will this update be rolled out to use in the website? Thank!

I also like current settings, and I use colors like “words I know”, “words I should know or will learn soon”, “words I keep for later”

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Update is live. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
About a year of work. :melting_face:

Me and Og will be monitoring, doing some fixes and performance tuning in the next few days, and I’ll be on the forum more. :slight_smile:


Ok, I found two bugs already. For Ukranian, the wrong source sentence is shown (translation, TTS don’t match).

Also there’s no TTS for Latin, it’s erroring.

It doesn’t work. Guys, you should seriously work on making the app robust than adding on new features…

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Great. So now i have to re-learn how to use this program all over again.

The way this update changed saved words is objectively worse:

The way it was before the update: The user could set a level in a drop-down menu, and all words not covered by that word frequency were set to purple. The user could focus on the white words, adding them manually at will (later to be used for example in third-party SRS apps such as Anki).

The way it works now: LF blanket adds all the words contained within a frequency data set to the ‘known’ list, regardless of whether the user has added these words to saved items or not, or even encountered them. This hinders the learning process. Under the current system i have about 100 words in my ‘known’ list; none of which i actually know or have even encountered.

Regarding the flash card system: Nowhere to be found.


You can change a few settings and things work mosly as before:

Turn off the top two, you’ll have rare words greyed-out, as before (adding in slightly purple hue now). ‘Drop down menu’ is still there, click ‘Set Vocabulary Level’.

If you want to preserve cycling tags (the previous word colours) with the right click, there’s an option for that. Export should function as before.

There’s a thing where proper nouns (names of people, places) are coloured green by default. The reasoning is, I didn’t consider them words that most users would generally want to set out to learn, so, the green is to signify that it doesn’t need your atttenion as such.

Phrasepump shows you subtitles you saved (and examples with words you saved) twice, then, the third time is a quiz. If you only want the quizzes, you can turn off the other modes:

A lot of thought went into preserving the workflows for existing users, while allowing new functionality. If there’s a rough edge I missed, we can probably figure out a solution.


Congratulations on the update - looks great! Looking forward to taking a closer look at PhrasePump.

A small issue: I have it set to automatically pause playback at the end of every subtitle, but now it’s not consistently stopping. It does stop sometimes, but other times it only stops after the second subtitle.