It would be great if the context of a sentence could be saved in favorites and not the part of a sentence

Hello everyone. I’m a new premium use and I’m love this app. I love that you guys add new features , constantly.

I’m just added phrases for remember and listen later in the PhrasePump. But I’ve found out a small issue. Because I can’t add the whole sentence and this could be a problem later because I can’t find much sense in a sentence that I’ve listen before.

I wish there was some method later to be able to incorporate the complete sentences

This imagen can explain it better



I agree!

Thanks for pointing this out @Robinson_Gonzalez! As a new premium user, I didn’t fully realize this—as I am in the beginning stages of incorporating LR into my language learning process.

Here is an example I pulled from my target language (TL)—Korean:

Maybe a method/shortcut to group subtitles like this and save them as a chunk?

  • Ex. Control + click (to select multiple subtitle lines) → popup to save/star (:star:) the selection? — *Or whatever shortcuts relative to Windows PC and Mac :sweat_smile: