Merge Lines Before Export

I noticed since last time I tried, that I am now able to export original audio (this is new?). This is a huge deal, and makes this now probably the best language learning tool on the planet. THANK YOU.

However…it needs one more feature to avoid a lot of tedious manual work:
Rarely are individual subtitle lines a complete sentence, thought, or study-able unit. Can we get a feature to concatenate lines before export? Like an “add to previous line” button so they can become a single Anki card? Pretty please?

@koenji Yes, being able to export original audio is new (since the beginning/mid-July, maybe) and excellent, I agree!

I like this idea!

Something that would essentially make this easier upon export is if we could save multiple phrases/subtitle units—because subtitles/spoken units are timed to the sounds occurring in time to the dialogue itself, which is great when following along via video, but—I agree with koenji that they don’t make for understanding a completed thought, viewing a completed sentence, or providing complete study-able material:

With this particular feature request, merging lines before export would allow users—if they saved (:star: ed) the surrounding sentences—to form complete sentences/studyable units for study outside of LR.

Maybe also consider allowing lines to be merged into sentences/study-able units at the point of the “View My Saved Items” list, so exporters and those who use PhrasePump can benefit from complete sentences/study-able units, which would reduce friction from the point before exporting and help all users of LR.

—OR—consider adding the “merge/concatenate lines” feature at the point of saving (i.e., while watching videos) to increase the chances of great context to study off of later without having to prolong the process (for users to go) to the saved items list/ export stage.
:pray: :pray: :pray:

Thank you for the detailed and enthusiastic response! I agree that combining lines at the time of saving would be ideal, if it could easily implemented. But I’ll take either way :). Japanese is hard.

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