Japanese - Incorrect Hiragana on Kanji Not Matching Audio, Feature Request to Submit Corrections or Edit Subtitles

There is an issue where the hiragana of the displayed Japanese subtitles does not match the spoken dialogue. It appears that the underlying dictionary cannot distinguish between distinct valid pronunciations, in comparison with the spoken dialogue.

Hyena, Episode 1, ~17:50

鶏肉 (けいにく ) is shown in the subtitles, but the far more common and actual spoken dialogue around 17:50 is 鶏肉 (とりにく).

Based on the Wiktionary entry, Etymology 2 is the actual spoken dialogue and is generally the more common usage. However, Etymology 1 is the displayed hiragana, perhaps because it is ranked first. This is a big problem with Japanese, which can have many pronunciations per vocabulary depending on context.

I would like to forward a key user feature request. Namely, corrections to subtitles should be enabled, with approvals done by native speakers. Alternatively, users could manually correct subtitles on their own account and have it saved as such locally.

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