Japanese subtitles are broken right now

Really love the extension but at the moment the Japanese subtitles really are not working correctly.

If there is a word that uses kanji (most Japanese words) the furigana, in other words the phonetic characters the represent the pronunciation of the kanji, are put in the subtitles in brackets and immediately after the kanji but before the hiragana used in combination with the kanji to complete the word.

This breaks the extension in a three ways

  1. The dictionary doesn’t recognise what word you’re trying to highlight because its broken by brackets and the furigana.

  2. It looks really messy and makes the subtitles really hard to read

  3. You have an option to toggle the furigana to appear above the kanji depending on your level but them always being present in the brackets defeats this.

Fairly certain when i used Language Reactor a number of years ago this wasn’t an issue. Really hoping that this gets fixed as its a great extension!

Thanks and keep up the hard work

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