Japanese subtitles


I have a suggestion about the Japanese subtitles. When there is a kanji in a sentence, the word is written in hiragana and in brackets afterwards. For example:

初(はじ)めてもらった […] (source: Spirited away, 00.01.10)

I would like the part in brackets to be removed (or it could be an option, like the furigana and romani). The reasons:

  • It makes the whole sentence more difficult and longer to read, especially when a word is cut in half, like in the exemple
  • If someone needs the furigana/hiragana to read the Kanji, it is possible with the parameters
  • As you can see on my screenshot, when the word is cut in half, the furigana above is wrong, because it can’t recognize that the word is 初めて and not only 初. It reads the kanji alone.

Above 初, we can see the furigana はつ, which is wrong in this context. The correct one his はじ. In the rest of the sentence, there is another mistake: the hiragana above 別れる is wrong, it should be わか and not べつ.

EDIT: I have just noticed there is a TODO list, with some things for Japanese. I am not sure if this issue has already been dealt with