LLN Anki JSON to your Anki custom note types: a guide

Hey all,

I don’t know how many people this will actually help, but I figured I’d share a guide I wrote on getting the LLN exports into my own card format so I don’t need to manually map the fields on import anymore using the CSV export. This method won’t work with CSV exports (i.e. the new ones with media), but I typically just want 4 things in my cards: the word, the transliteration, the translation, and some context.

This isn’t the most useful thing since LLN seems to release new features pretty frequently, and it requires a little bit of your computer’s terminal, but I still wanted to share in case someone finds it useful.


Hi. Thanks for doing this, it’s helpful, and I wish we had time to better document stuff. :neutral_face: But heads up, we just changed the JSON export with a new format with a different structure that mostly corresponds to what we use internally in our database (documented in the link: https://extension.dioco.io/export.html#json-export)