Netflix error M7353-5101

I’m Korean and I’ve studying Eng using netflix and LLN

when I started to using LLN program, netflix did not working and gave me a error message.

Error code : M7353-5101

Netflix said that I have to uninstall LLN program but I need it to study eng.

how can I solve this problem?? :frowning:

Hello. :slightly_smiling_face: The easiest solution for now is to go to this page:

And switch off the button:

That should fix it for now, until we can make an update with a proper fix.


I also suffered from error code: m7111-1931-404. Then I got the solution. I hope you will get the solution too.

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People often face the error ui3012 while streaming the Netflix, this time you have to check first streaming device and WI-FI are working appropriately this would help you out fix this error otherwise check this.