I have access to the Internet, Netflix works, but the translation does not work. I have the message: Problem fetching translations. NETWOTK_ERROR.
Please help.


same it’s not not working completely today. The system crumbled


Same, 20 Days letter it’s broken again. Just charge us more and get a bigger team. Pls.


Same here, yesterday the bug started and wasn´t a big deal. I do agree with the
possibility to be charged more to get a better team and faster customer support. Not only is the Network error message today as it was yesterday, but also the ASR subtitles for german are not working either. I contracted the subscription after the latest ASR bug that lasted almost a week. Hopefully, this gets solved sooner. Thanks.


Its broken AGAIN! what am i actually paying for here, ASR always breaking. Hope we get a response within a reasonable timeframe unlike last time.

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So sad this weeeeek

I have the same issue since a couple of hours ago. I’ve reported the bug but I was hoping someone would have the solution.

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The same thing is happening here.


same here :frowning: nothing works… how often does it happen? i’ve only been here for a month or so

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Same. This is my first time using this extension and i thought it was my problem. not a good first impression :frowning_face:

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yeah, i just discovered this yesterday from someone talking about it on instagram, it seems really cool stuff to learn fast. But if that’s buggy every couple days, someone should probably release code into Github or something. i’m sure there are many people able to fix and improve all that. + if it works well and people enjoy it, the owner could probably benefits even more with donations. its a win / win situation if you ask me.


:+1: :+1:
Basically, I really like Reactor. It keeps me motivated with streaks etc, but not when I fall behind, because they are unable to fix their problems.


You want them to make their entire site’s code public? I don’t think that is in their best interest.

Besides, the problem was a server issue I believe.

Although, an open source language learning platform does seem like it could work…

i don’t want anything, just saying i’ve been here for 2 days only, i see people complaing about communication, technical difficulties that occurs regularly. i’m well willing to pay for that kind of service that this platform have normally, but these are signals right? my trust is not particularly high at the moment. we’ll see.

would be a trust building move for the developers to post an update, even if there aren’t definitive answers on what’s happening, fix eta, etc.


Looks like LR is back to normal and happy again. Thank you for getting this figured out–much appreciated.

Sorry about these problems, I had to have unexpected surgery (two actually). Thinks kind of went to shit for a while, trying to catch up now.

We’ll send a newsletter in the next few days.