New user, but nothing seems as described

Following various instructions, nothing seems to be as advertised.

When I go to Netflix, it’s just Netflix. No buttons/options from the plugin, no translations taking place. The website itself, for LR has a movie search, but nothing shows up regardless of country selection.

  1. I’m on a mac with chrome not sure if that’s supported.
  2. I have German subtitles already turned on for the movie itself, not sure if that should be turned off.

So am I doing something wrong or missing something?


Just a quick question:

Did you install the Chrome extension and make sure it has the permissions enabled via the list of your installed extensions?:

If you scroll a bit you should also see these enabled:

unfortunately, that is all good. That was the first thing I did.

Even while on netflix’s page the other menu shows this:

More photos to follow.

Still when in a German film, on netflix, I see this:

If I got to LR’s website, I see this:

And if I search for any movie on the website I see this:

Just all seems broken.

sorry for the myriad of responses, but the chat won’t let me added them all in 1 response because I’m new.

No worries, @onen5!

I understand; thanks for letting me know though :slight_smile:

I would also try to deactivate all of your extensions (except LR) and see if that works.

You should be seeing this on Netflix when any show is playing:

Edit: Settings gear (:gear:) icon for LR (Netflix):

If turning off your extensions — all except LR — doesn’t work, then also try keeping them disabled and toggle off the LR extension, refresh your pages, then toggle it back on, and refresh your pages once more:

Edit: This is mainly what I mean when I mention toggling the extension on/off in my directions above and below. Sometimes the toggling and refreshing work (see the use case quoted below in the “more details section”).

Here are more details:

I think the LR message of “Network Error” might be a separate problem, but I’m not sure:

Edit: Likely this message might indicate a server error on LR’s side (if your wifi is all good on your end).

Usually when the servers have a problem they get fixed over time, but it’s always good to report an error like this (with as many details as you can provide: what you did to troubleshoot the problem, the image, your browser, etc.) in the Bug category, so that the devs can see it. They may not respond directly, but it may alert them to a problem—if they’re not already on it.

Side note: I also noticed that you have an ad block extension, so I would definitely make sure to toggle that off and check that it’s not interfering with the LR extension. But, in general, other extensions can interfere with the LR extension.

I’m not 100 percent certain on the problems related to the Netflix catalog, but I know the LR Devs have been working on some new updates (including with the catalog stuff), so that might be more related to that “Network Error” / Your “Netflix Catalogue” troubles:

I hope something in here helps!


I think I’ve figured out the mystery a bit more. Before starting in with your suggestions I figured I would launch it again this morning. Everything worked like a charm. Then I realized I had be on a vpn (work provided), which must be blocking either the REST requests to your services or something along those lines.

I then closed the window, started my vpn and went back to the show. The frames on netflix loaded but I got a retrieval error.

Using the developer tools on Chrome, it confirmed just by loading netflix itself. (had to mask the following urls so they got through the message filter.

  • couple of these: Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘xxxxs://lb_dioco_io/base_items_getItemKeys_3’ from origin ‘xxxxs://www_netflix_com’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.

  • couple of these: Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘xxxxs://lb_dioco_io/base_log’ from origin ‘xxxs://www_netflix_com’ has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn’t pass access control check: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.

So my guess was the problem was with the vpn locking down items. Thanks for you help.

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Yay! Glad you were able to figure it out and that it works better now!

I’m just a friendly LR learner, so I’m glad this all worked out for you!

Enjoy LR! I know I do :blush:

P. S. You rock for providing those details! This will hopefully help LR learners who experience similar issues in the future figure things out.