Non-functioning in Netflix

It just does not work in Netflix


It isn’t working for me either. My WiFi stopped working and as soon as it reconected the subtitles in my language disappeared :cry:


Was working for me last night but today no go in Netflix.


Could anyone help me how to start LR under Netflix?
LR worked last night, but suddenly the cogwheel icon disappeared. LR extension is added to Chrome, LR icon is active in the browser, but the cogwheel icon that launches LR is not available.


I believe it to be an issue with the extension/Netflix right now. I’m sure it will get fixed very soon. Check this thread, many people having the same issue.


my lord, me too was panick , that it stopped to work just on my laptop ><

jesus i see i am not the only one it suddenly stopped working on neflix today pls help :frowning:

how long is it gonna take?


im not working too. im so sad

It stopped working for me too. Please advise what to do. Thank you.

i have the same problem.

Same here…
I wake up today. And found it not working…WHy??

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I found it stopped working this morning. but it is working in YouTube…please help…

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Same here, in Aus. It was working till last night on Netflix.

same problem here​:sob::sob: it can work last night.

It was perfectly working last night. I just hope they can fix it soon

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Working again on Netflix for me now.

Yees!! it’s working now !!

Can confirm the extension is working with Netflix again :smiley:

Yesterday, September 8th and today September 9th are not available.

After the screen is zoomed in, the subtitles below all disappear.

And the up and down shift function of subtitles is also missing.

I have cross-tested many computers with exactly the same results.

Please the work team to assist in processing,

thank you.