Phrasal Verb

How can I mark/select a phrasal verb? Eg. “Wipe us out” It is just possible has a selectd collor with two words separatly (“Wipe” and “out”).

But it doen’t make any sence separatly. You just have get both together.

Thank you!!


I totally agree with this.
For us English learners, Phrasal Verbs, idioms, or collocations is very important and useful.

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I’d like too. It would be very useful.


I have just been looking for that feature.

The ability to add phrases including phrasal verbs is a really important function. Add please. Tnx

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I agree! Not having that option is very frustrating, not being able to save parts of sentences. When will they build that?

I want this also. Couldn’t we do that?