Potential to add Spotify Kareoke to the translation feature

Spotify has a kareoke feature for most songs now, I imagine that you’d be able to connect your spotify account in a way to use the translation feature from the language of choice. For example if I’m learning Japanese, if I can click on the kareoke sheet from spotifies kareoke feature it’ll pull up the dictionary in english


It would be cool to have the LR Extension recognize Spotify lyrics when the Spotify website is navigated to within a given web browser—so we can add them to our saved words and phrases list.

However, getting the translations of the target language would be tricky because Spotify only provides the originally published language’s subtitles for a given song.

If the LR extension, can one day recognize Spotify Lyrics, the other tricky part would be finding the right definitions to add to a given word or the right translation to a given phrase/sentence from a song.

For some languages, (such as Korean) the LR definitions are iffy (more so because we just need a way to edit our own definitions of saved words and phrases after looking at a few languages resources versus relying on LRs default definitions is some circumstances — like with music, slang, idoms, etc.). So, clicking and editing in our own definitions for our saved words would be key here.