Problem Fetching ASR Subs Server_Error

  • Please provide a link to the video/page you have the bug
    Watch Jurassic World: Chaos Theory | Netflix Official Site

  • Please let us know from which country you are having the bug (YT and Netflix have different content and subtitles depending on the country the user is located)
    I’m having the bug in Canada watching Arabic dubbed Netflix content.


I am having this error popup when trying to use ASR Subs for Arabic show on Netflix . Will this be fixed soon and is anyone else getting this error?

Update: I tried another show and it works. So it might just be an issue with this show Jurrasic World: Chaos Theory…not sure…


Different languages for each movie are available in various countries. Unfortunately, our catalogue data is not 100% accurate at the moment. You can check if your languages are available by checking if they are listed in the Netflix subtitle selector. If not, you can use machine translations (a Pro feature). Or try a different movie. In rare cases, you can enable additional (human subtitle) languages by connecting from another country, e.g. via a VPN service (ExpressVPN or similar)

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The thing is I was watching it with ARS working fine in Arabic the day before. So it was strange it wasn’t working… I will check today if it works again.