Repeatable A to B selection of several lines.


I just realized that it’d be great if you could repeat several connected lines by marking the first and last line you want to repeat.

Either you’d do this by clicking a button (A~B) next to the subtitles and wait until the last line, or you’d do this in the sidebar of LLN where you have all the lines. The app would just restart at the point you selected as A and play through until B finishes, and so on. Also you could make it pause at B point as well, as another feature of this maybe.


Not a bad suggestion, will consider. The code around this feature would be a little knotty and it complicates the UI a bit. A nice to have though. I was also considering the ability to save little mini-dialogues (4… to 16 subs?) to saved items.


Nice! Oh, yeah sounds like that’d make the exported data a bit easier to sort then

Are you working with this feature. It would be very usefull!
Now that LLN tools /reader is in Beta it is probaly much easier to work with longer sequences…