Request possibility to map one mouse button (or smth) to TTS reading of entire sentences from the word you click on with said mouse button

My dear turtles :3
It would be super useful to rehearse listening and repeating the pronunciation of a specific part of a sentence when shadowing (especially with super long sublines that have two or three sentences in them, or plain long sentences).
I already use that function with Project Garbage and it’s super useful and powerful to learn languages, but you have to create the karaoke subtitles of the whole videos words by words for that and it’s reeeeally time-consuming. And I’m not even talking about having to take hours to recut an entire subtitle file in that same software and divide each line of subs who are like a freaking paragraph in actual shorter sentences so I don’t have to relisten the same line 40 gazillion times instead of just concentrating on the thing I don’t master yet x’D
It would be useful as well for the videos in which the subs are timed with the *** and you have to listen to the end of the previous sentence and the beginning of the next one to actually have the complete sentence.
Plus if you click on the first word of the part of the sentence to pronounce, you kill two birds with one stone, no need, like in Project Garbage, for a button to read the whole sentence, and one to read from where you select and the need to switch to the word to select to be pronounced… you just click on the first word of the sentence you want the TTS to read.

(Like, seriously, the fact that you can listen to the person from the video speak and then have a TTS pronounce it in case the native person pronounce it in a way harder for a beginner to understand is plain brilliant, kudos for that guys :slight_smile: )

Now that I think of it, having another function that continues reading not just that line of sub, but the whole text till you pause, from a starting word you clicked on would be quite powerful too. Or maybe just have that function alone and you chose if you want only that sentence to be read or the whole text by using the autopause button or not…
I dunno, what do you guys think? :slight_smile: