Requesting Optional Auto-Copy to Clipboard

Hi there,
I have two screens, and I would like to have the subtitles script on one screen while the other is in fullscreen.

I have been able to achieve this with downloaded content using MPV with a script that automatically copies the current subtitle to clipboard + a chrome extension that automatically inserts the subtitles onto a blank html.
As in how mattinjapan does it here in this video: mpv: The Best Video Player for Language Learning - YouTube

I am requesting an option to toggle an auto copy to clipboard feature for netflix, if possible!
This way I am able to utilize my two screens to full capacity + use my own custom dictionaries that don’t work in fullscreen mode.

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Hi @inamiwani , thanks for your request.

So to be clear I understood correctly, you want, in Netflix, to be able to click on a button that will copy the text to your clipboard ?

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Hi there, thank you for your response!
I am actually asking for a feature that automatically copies every on-screen line of the subtitles to the clipboard.
So it automatically copies every line of text as soon it appears on the screen.

I would also like the option to toggle this auto-copy feature on and off in netflix.
With Thanks!

Hey !

Ok, thank you for the clarification. I will discuss with the others devs to see if it’s possible to do it. It looks like a nice idea !
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Even something as simple as a hot key to copy the current subtitle would be an incredible QOL improvement! Currently I ha to keep the side-bar subtitle’s open to manually copy and paste the current subtitle to Anki. This takes up a third of my screen, and I can’t map this function to my mouse like I can with all the other functions (hide subtitles, replay sentence, etc). Is there any update on this?