[SOLVED] Saved words on youtube extension are not colored in new videos


I saved a set of words in the youtube extension and they were colored correctly in this video, but when I open another video, the words are no longer colored. Although they are displayed correctly in the saved category. For all the other extensions for example netflix or the reader this feature words and new opened videos or text are already colored with the saved words.

Can someone help or is this a known bug. Could not find anything. Thanks!


Hi, this is not a known bug. Perhaps text metadata didn’t load successfully for the second video. Try hovering over individual words in the second video - does each word highlight individually? Also, I can debug it if you send links to both videos. Thanks

Thanks for the response. I think it was a mistake on my side. I learned simplified chinese characters and also tried it on traditional ones. I thought that it would save both in the same way.