Traditional Chinese subtitles not working where original is Simplified

I think this might be a bug. Here are more details:

The settings:

  • Movie original audio language: Chinese
  • Movie original language subtitles: Chinese (Simplified)

My selection:

  • Audio: Original – Chinese
  • Subtitles: Chinese (Traditional) (originally provided by Netflix)

LLN Behaviour:

  • subtitles are not selectable
  • words are not highlighted
  • no dictionary lookup
  • just plain non-interactive subtitles

(My subscription is LLN Pro - so I should be able to see the highlights)

Expected behavior:

  • Works the same as with Simplified Chinese subtitles.

Thanks @Stiivi for your message.

What you say is a bit weird, as I can’t reproduce this bug locally (with both dev and production version). You can see below a screenshot of Big Fish Begornia (audio is simplified chinese and subtitle is trad chinese) Processing: image.png….

Maybe I can ask you, in this order :

  • to reload your browser (CTRL + R)
  • to reinstall the extension
  • if still not working, to send me the link of the movie you are watching ?

Sorry for this problem :confused:

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  1. Removed old LLN and Language Reactor extensions
  2. Reinstalled Language Reactor
  3. Restarted Chrome
  4. Signed in

The issue persists.

Example track: The Rational Life



(neither highlights, neither mouse-over lookup)

EDIT: Same with the side-bar subtitle list. Simplified has highlights and traditional does not. Btw. I never used simplified before.

That is really weird. I have same problem as you for the drama you sent me. We are trying to find the cause of the problem.

Can you check with Big Fish Begonia also please ? I am expecting that it should work, but let’s be sure.

Thanks a lot for your patience, and sorry for this bug :confused:

Ok, we found the problem, some bad data were cached because of the bug of last week. Now everything should be working fine, just check it ! Sorry again !

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Thanks! Works as expected.

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