Translation quality in "My Texts" is pretty low (Japanese -> English)

Hi, I am trying to study japanese song texts in the “My Texts” area of LanguageReactor.
The general features (color highlighting, saving, etc.) work well, but the machine translation is pretty bad and not suited to really understand the lyrics.
Sometimes single words that are correctly translated in the little popup, are completely wrong in the whole sentence translation, other times it just skips important parts.
Just 2 examples (almost every line of the songs I tried are wrong or weird):
(it should be bag, not “broom” or “sledgehammer”, which was also shown once)

Correct translation: When you see your reflection in the mirror, do you hate it or love it?

Of course it is not easy for an AI to translate those texts as well as a human could, but trying with google translate or gpt give much better results… maybe the model behind the machine translations could be improved here as well?

Other than that, I tried to provide my own translations by just adding them to the texts, but the formatting is then completely broken and the system is very confused of there being two different languages in the text.
Does anyone know a way to solve this or has had similar problems?

Any input is appreciated.