[ANSWERED] Question about Japanese to English translation

Hi, I am currently a pro member, but machine translation function for Japanese is become disabled after I cancel auto subscribe. I usually don’t like to use auto subscribe and prefer manually to update to membership for the service I am using. Can anyone help me enable to translation for Japanese again?

Hello. Could you please send a link of the page you are trying this please ?

Thanks !

hi, Thank you for asking me. Basically, there is no particular page, I copied content from a book. No matter what text, or local video I am using, the translation all disappears, and I tried both Edge and Chrome. For the translation part, not just Japanese to English, all Japanese translations are gone(English to Japanese is still working btw.). Youtube translation works fine though, they can give machine translation with no problem.

actually, it start working today :rofl:

ah, great !! Thanks Xiang ! Have fun learning :slight_smile: