Updated Netflix List?

I’m studying Russian and the list of shows/movies on Netflix could using some updating! How can we help you to do that? Shows like The Sniffer have long been removed and at least one show, Better Than Us, which has been on there for a while would be excellent for learners but is not on the list.



Attn : Wayne Westlake

I too like watching shows in Russian. Netflix’s catalog being very scarse,
I eventually discovered that I’d better watch Russian shows on Youtube
with the LLY extension.
in particular, I could find there Нюхач ( = The Sniffer) and Кухня,
among many others…



i have been trying to been watching netflix in france cos i want to improve my french language

I faced the samee issue once. But in a bit different context. I wanted to get an access to American Netflix in Canada, as US library contains so many of shows that are not available in my region and were my favourite. So if you know any platform where you can find more russian shows, then maybe the guide above can help u with that too?

It would be great if we could have a community among Russian speakers or whatever you’re learning on this site.