Viki plug-in?

Any plans for working with Rakuten Unfortunately, I like very little of the Japanese content on Netflix, not to mention that only a percentage of it is usable, presumably due to lack of Japanese subtitles. Viki has much more stuff I like, and generally the audio is better and the dialog is spoken more clearly than the live action Japanese videos I’ve tried to watch on Netflix. Maybe work with developers? They have their “Learn Mode”, where you can get multi-language subtitles and click on words, but it only seems to be available for a few of the older dramas, and they don’t seem to be doing any development or support of it. I think it was developed by an intern. Though pretty amazing work for one person, it doesn’t compare to LanguageReactor in features and quality, especially lacking the saved lists and export features.

Addendum: It had been a long time since I used the Viki “Learn Mode”, but I just tried it again and it does seem that they’ve made some changes, and it works on a recent drama, but it seems clicking on words is gone. However, I discovered the Rikaikun plug-in works on the subtitles, so that’s actually an improvement on what they had.


Good idea, Do not have any plans to work with Viki at the moment, but might do in the future. (Still working on our extension development)

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