Word view not working for Chinese after I moved to Mexico

I just moved to Mexico and am now getting errors when trying to use Language Reactor to learn Mandarin.

It says that “word view is not supported for this language” and I’m unable to get translations for words or the colors that I gave each word or many other features.

Is this because Language Reactor doesn’t work in Mexico? Or perhaps some issue due to the change from one country to another?


It’s not just you. I’m in the US and also having some issues tonight with some features not working in Chinese. I received the error message below in a pop up window and submitted a request for a bug fix. The plug in was working earlier today, but stopped working within the last few hours. Hopefully they’ll have it fixed soon!

Error message:

Language Reactor has detected an error has occured. The developers have been notified. Try reloading the page, or else try again in 24hrs. Sorry for the inconvenience. Check our Facebook page for updates. Error message: Failed to retreive linguistic data. Lang: zh-TW, source: NETFLIX tt_key: NF.1.81482867.zh-TW.zh-Hant.dYIG6rVHNrAfT37qC+Jw8HNJ6e8=