Collection of Netflix Issues

Hey hardworking devs and language learners,
I thought it might be worthwhile to compile a list of the issues I’ve seen on the Netflix version of the extension today - not sure why they all popped up at once.

-Subtitles no longer able to be viewed at the bottom of the viewing screen
-Obtrusive large black bar showing the subtitles at the bottom is unable to be turned off
-Video language and subtitle language doesn’t retain settings from video to video, or series to series

This might be just me, but I found the side-bar showing subtitles to be too large, so I found a CSS script online to make it and the font smaller. The video used to enlarge to take up the additional space, but now it appears that it’s size is fixed, even when the sidebar is made smaller.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to fix these issues myself, or extra data I can provide.

BTW here’s the sidebar script, I use User CSS to run it for those interested
.lln-vertical-view {
width: 240px;

.lln-vertical-view * {
font-size: 13px;

.AkiraPlayer {
width: calc(100vw - 200px) !important;

.lln-vertical-view-active .lln-toggle-vertical-view {
right: 200px;

I see that the obtrusive bar is turned off, and the subtitles are viewable at the bottom of the screen - way to go devs! Thanks for responding so promptly, I know it must be tough dealing with a platform that changes without warning.

Although there’s a CSS fix, the video’s subtitles still show on the screen at the same time as LR subtitles.

The issue with the screen not enlarging when the sidebar is made smaller is still present- which kinda defeats the purpose of making the sidebar smaller haha. If anyone has a fix for that one I’m all ears!

Thanks for all you do devs!