Feature requests:

Hi, I saw the post on HN and want to try this out as it looks super interesting. Two issues that I’d like to see resolved before I feel comfortable with signing up:

1. Firefox support. I know it’s hard, especially with such a small FF user-base now, but I feel strongly as a web developer, that we should avoid the mono-culture that gives one company unilateral power to move the web in directions that are anti-user, anti-privacy and anti-consumer. Of course, I understand that with limited resources you should get to your MVP first, but I’d like to bring this issue up to keep in mind.
2) Google oauth login only? Can we also have an email account flow for signup as an option? This is actually a blocker for me.

Thanks, this looks very cool, and best of luck!

Edit: I saw these two points listed in the faq (i found after my post). :man_facepalming: So let this be two votes for those features! :slight_smile: thanks!