Feature TODO List and roadmap (continuously updated)

+1 Editable Translations
And can word’s definitions from online dictionary go to anki fields automatically? If not - please make editiable translations!!~

and adding mp3 from the netflix, not TTS. Because I want to practice my speaking from real people (like Migaku has)

Do you have a timeline for that? Trying to learn Cantonese with the LLN but it’s kinda difficult when you hear Cantonese and read the pinyin of the traditional characters. Not even sure if some character would change in Cantonese?!

This Content is really impressed and wonderful i really appreciate cos it help me

Is it possible to be able to make the extension so it could be supported on iPad/iPhone? (maybe now with the release of Safari extension this might be possible, could it be possible?)


Do you plan to add an audio recording feature to the extension? I think it benefits all of us language learners to watch a video, auto-pause, repeat what it says, then listen to our record. This real-time feedback will be very helpful to all of us

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Hey, this is SUPER AWESOME and I routinely recommend this app to my students for language learning. They all want a mobile version since they all have smartphones while only a few have PC’s. Something to consider moving forward. There are A TON of Japanese citizens here in Tokyo that would LOVE to use this so I spread the word as frequently as I can.

Again, this is SUPER AMAZING and I appreciate all the hard work going in to this program. You guys rock!


I’d love to see the ability to pop out the sidebar so that I can move it to a second screen.

Language Reactor needs source language for Traditional Chinese (Taiwan + Hong Kong) in the Netflix Catalogue. Also noticed that the extension won’t show Cantonese as Netflix Audio Language or is it that “yue”? Any chance we can change that in the future? Thank you.

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I’ve been using LLN for a couple of years and it has been awesome. There is one feature that I would really love to have: It would be really great if I could configure the “go to next (and previous) subtitle” hotkey to go to the next subtitle if it appears in the next N seconds, otherwise just skip N seconds.
For example, in other words: “skip forward 3 seconds, unless the next subtitle comes before 3 seconds, in that case just skip to that subtitle”.

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Hi. There is a serious lack of resources for Turkish language learners who can read Urdu, so your app has been a godsend for me. The only trouble is, I’m getting sick of reading the Urdu subtitles in the default Naskh font (which is ugly and difficult to read). Is it possible to get Nastaliq font for the Urdu subtitles? I’m not a web developer, but here are a couple of links that might help you to fix this issue:


The only reason I use Chrome is for this extension, please enable Firefox support ASAP, keep up the brilliant work, thanks!


Can’t wait for Firefox support! I could finally ditch Chrome entirely.

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Ya I just got the subscription to see if this is possible but unfortunately it’s still just bad TTS.

Better use Brave-Browser instead. Chrome-extensions working fine with it and it’s way better than all the browsers I used before.

FEATURE: Keep subtitles as on screen until next scheduled subtitle (or “dismissed”).
This would allow users to use dialog-free segments to review the most recent subtitle while waiting for content to advance to the next passage containing dialog.

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Is there a timeline for the “staged to go live” section? I’ve been using this extension for 2 weeks and I LOVE it. But, I’m holding off on exporting to Anki because of the TTS audio. I saw that using the actual audio is in the “staged to go live” section, so I’m super excited about it.

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It seems this will still take some more time. In the meantime can you please bring back the option of importing subtitles into Netflix. Same as you had with LLN. Then I can create my own transliteration of Cantonese and upload it. Thanks.

I wonder how much space this would take though if they’re videos.

2 years and still no firefox

I don’t use firefox, but it seels like that feature has been staged to go live for a really long time. I wonder what the hold up is.