Generalization to more websites

Hi, I noticed there is now a Youtube version which is super cool. Does this mean that the extension is in theory generalizable to other websites now? How coupled is the extension to [Netflix or Youtube] as opposed to other websites?

There are of course many websites on the web that simply have content that these sites do not have. I do not know just how many things it takes to get it up and running for a new website so I may be vastly underestimating the amount of work require here: but it would be amazing if you all could introduce some kind of API layer. Then people like me could implement LLN for a website that we could dedicate the time to figuring out how to fulfil the API requirements which I assume would include tons of little things like downloading subtitles programatically.

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LLN is fairly well generalised now. We could make a version of LLN that any website could add to their site easily… it would just need them to do a little integration work… including a script tag from us, setting a few attributes on some DOM elements, and write a few JS functions for getting subtitles etc. But I’m doubtful if big video sites (Disney etc.) would be interested in doing this.

For Netflix and Youtube, we made the integration without any cooperation, which is a lot more work for us and needs attention from time to time to fix issues when they make changes.

Amazon videos and possibly Disney+ would be the next two sites to try… although I think Disney+ is not big in Asia, where most of our users are. I would love to add ARTE (European channel), but they hardcode the subs into their videos. Tried emailing them a few times, but got no response.

I thought it could be possible to make another way to support more sites: the site runs in it’s own iframe (or Qt Webengine), and we draw our UI outside of this. Then we need functions for every site to fetch subtitles and control the video… but no need for any UI / CSS integration with each page, which at least halves the work. The API idea could work, although, if it’s all on github, you end up with repos that openly detail how to crowbar your way into different video platforms, which maybe doesn’t end well. :slight_smile: We are still understaffed currently (2.5 guys) to do lots of integrations. Hmm. Tricky.


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Hi David, is it possible to enable LR on a site/page that embed YouTube video?

e.g. Dreaming Spanish

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