Issue blurring text in Phrase Pump 'Quiz' option

For the ‘Quiz’ cards the English translations aren’t blurred which means that the user will see the English translations before anything else.

However on the ‘Practice’ cards the blurring works perfectly.

Is it possible to make the English translations blurred until they are moused over on the ‘Quiz’ cards like they are on the ‘Practice’ cards?

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Hi @cb83,

Is this more of a #request (feature request)?

I think this is a great idea! I’m all for blurring the text of one’s native/fluent language more! It helps users focus more on what they remember and hear/see in their target language.

Can you move this thread to the #request category, so it’s more likely to be seen/considered/updated by the Team?

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I think it is more likely to be a bug than a request since it is blurred in the Practice option. I think the team just forgot to apply the blur in the quiz option.

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I’m not as sure since even the sentence cards say to “use the translation for help”:

Example 1(Media from Tatoeba):


Example 2 (Media from Netflix):

But maybe.

Still great idea to do regardless!

I’m talking about when it is from an audio clip that has been taken from a Netflix show.