Language Reactor & Chrome - is there a Netflix issue?

I have always used Language Reactor with Chrome - for so many, many reasons (and a lifetime of learning Japanese kanji and additional vocabulary.) Now, anytime I use Netflix w Chrome it stops playing as if I hit pause. I can start it again, but I need to do this every three seconds… Is it me? Is it because of Chrome? An issue in conjunction with Language Reactor? Sure I can use Incognito mode with Chrome but then LR will not work? I really, really need a solution here. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated?



Is it possible you have the automatically pause playback toggle enabled? That toggle pauses on every subtitle line.

I don’t know what happened, but I am having the same issue on chrome. Netflix with Language Reactor plays for me in Edge but not on chrome. Unfortunately, all of my extensions are on chrome.

Can you please try to log out and log in again to Netflix and update us if its still occurring?

I contacted Netflix and they didn’t have any solutions. In chrome a movie will open and LR will open the subtitles, but the screen is frozen and I can’t open the settings. Sometimes the audio will play. On Edge I can open Netflix and LR just fine.